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Giving Art as a Gift

We've all been there - spending hours on Google looking for inspiration for a gift and navigating endlessly. Asking for advice from friends and loved ones, yet still can't quite find something we are happy with.

Even for someone that has everything, a piece of artwork could be an amazing gift. It is thoughtful and although it will take some effort, it will be something unique and special. Art is a wonderful gift for many occasions; birthdays, weddings, Christmas a baby shower, or even a 'thank you'. Where does one begin?

Trying to find a piece of artwork to give can be tough, but have you ever seen a piece of art and thought 'That would be a great gift for ...?' You may have seen a photograph and immediately know someone that would appreciate it and love to have it in their home. Art is an extremely memorable gift and taking the time to choose it for someone special is a great way to show how much they mean to you.

There is no wrong way to give a gift of art. Keep in mind what makes the person special and this will definitely assist in finding a lasting gift that they will truly appreciate.

So whether you wish to add to a loved one’s art collection, or maybe start one for your friend, keep in mind a few helpful tips to make it easy:


What is their personal taste?

Do they like modern and minimalistic style or traditional and full of character look? Thinking of their home, would something sleek, neutral, or minimal work or something more eclectic, rustic and vibrant? Think about their passions and what they like to do best in their free time. Use their personal style or favourite colours as clues to choose art they will love.

Do they have a favourite artist or genre?

If it is someone that already loves art, they probably have a preferred style and/or artist. Try see what they have at home, otherwise subtly ask some questions or ask their partner or children if they have ever mentioned styles or artists they love.

Where are they going to put it?

Make a note of the wall space they currently have. This is very important in choosing a piece that works. Consider giving smaller works of art because it will give the recipient more flexibility in choosing where to hang it up.

Make your friend an artist

If the person you are giving a gift to loves to travel or is a photographer of sorts, consider using their personal pictures! Look for a great holiday picture or family photo and we can help you print it and have it framed.

Buying art as a gift is really fulfilling and shows your friend or loved one that you have put genuine thought and care into picking something they will like.

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