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Common Queries

You Asked, We Answered

What is the general turnaround time for custom orders?

Usually 5-10 working days

Can you do rush orders?

Yes, please call 011 465 8096 or visit our store and we will assist as best we can. If the moulding (frame) is in stock, we may be able to do same-day framing.

Do you offer hanging and delivery services?

Our skilled framers Wellington (084 538 5845) and Zenzo (083 765 5235) are able to deliver and hang pictures. Leave an enquiry and we will arrange the services, or contact them directly - whichever is easiest.

Do you have pre-made frames in-store?

Yes, please visit our store or call us and inquire what we have in stock and we can ship it to you.

Can you repair my damaged picture frame?

Yes. Bring your frame in and we can access the damage for repair. If the damage is too extensive, we are able to discuss possible reframing options.

What is the purpose of a mat board?

The main purpose of a mat board is to complement your picture, not only making the total picture stand out but gives your eyes a resting place between the frame and the art work. It creates space between the glass and the image to prevent your artwork from touching the glass if the artwork expands or contracts.

What is a mount board?

A mount board also protects the artwork like the mat board. The artwork is attached to the mount board and sits between the artwork and the back of the frame.

How many mat board colours are there?

There is a wide variety of colours and materials available. We will guide you in picking the most suitable for your artwork.

Do you do canvas and block mounting?

Yes, we are able to stretch canvas paintings and also do block mounting. Contact us for a quote.

Do my orders include hanging accessories?

Every framing order will include the necessary hanging accessories, already applied to the frame. Suitable accessories for each unique frame size and weight will be used. Items like hooks and screws can be bought separately. Should you wish to make any alterations to the recommended original mounted hanging accessories, please consult with one of our professional framers.

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