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Where to Hang Pictures on Your Walls - Top Tips

Do you want to display your art in your home with pride? Are you uncertain where to position pictures on your walls to show them off in the best way?

Artwork has a huge impact on bringing our spaces to life. Especially when positioned in the best places. Here are some tips on how to decide where to hang each piece.

Safety First

Before you start, it's important to understand the layout of your walls. You don't want to drill into a pipe or electrical wiring. Make sure to check for a wall stud before you start hanging. Have someone to help with those larger pieces to avoid injury to yourselves and damage to your belongings during the installation process.

Also, keep the artwork's well-being in mind when choosing its new home. Stay away from any heat and moisture sources that would cause damage to the artwork over the years.

Follow The Eyes

Deciding on the right height for a picture seems difficult at first. The good news is that there's a simple rule of thumb we all use as a guideline that makes it easy.

You want the centre of the artwork to be at eye level. This makes the artwork feel centred and allows you to feel its full effect.

If you have many people in your home to consider with varying heights, go with the average eye level instead. This way, it doesn't feel too off-centre for anyone in the family.

This isn't always possible when you have furniture in the way. Many of us have the challenge of wondering how high to hang art above a sofa, for example. Look for the balance between getting the art as close to eye level as possible while also not over-crowding your furniture.

Size Matters

When you have a large open space on your wall, try to match that with larger artwork. Make the best use of the space and keep everything feeling balanced. If you place a single small picture on a large wall, it looks overwhelmed by all that open space.

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